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Here is a list of our audio gear available for your productions:




Korg D3200 24 bit/192 khz portable digital mixer w/hard drive

Presonus Firestudio Project

Tascam FireOne

2 Shure Beta 58s vocal mic

1 Sennheiser e606 mic

1 Marshall gold-plated studio condenser

1 Shure Beta 57 instrument mic

1 AKG AT4040 Studio Condenser mic with shockmount

6 General mics

(generic Beta 58s)

Shotgun Mics

Audio Technica 3D shotgun Mic

(360 degree audio field)

1 pair of 3D mics

(embedded in headphones for stealth)

12 Mic/Light stands

1 16" Boom stand with weights

6 Boom Mic stands

1 Drum Mic kit

Full Acoustic Drum Set  (1 kick, 2 upper toms, 1 floor tom, 2 snares, 1 crash cymbal, 1 ride cymbal, 1, hi-hat, 3 general cymbals

1 custom 12-string acoustic guitar

1 nylon acoustic guitar

1 Daion 6 string electric/acoustic guitar

1 Yamaha acoustic 6 string guitar

1 custom 6-string electric guitar with Texas Special telecaster, Hot Rail Seymour Duncan and 1978 Seymour Duncan Humbucker pickups

1 custom 6-string electric guitar

1 custom acoustic/electric bass

1 custom electric bass

2 Johnson Mandolins

1 custom 5-string Banjo

1 Dijeradoo

2 Pan Flutes

1 Conservarte brass and nickel silver Trumpet

1 rain stick

Various Harmonicas including a blues and chromatic

Bells and Chimes

1 Korg Karma

2 Axiom 61 MIDI Master Keyboards

1 CME UF8 88 key MIDI Master Controller keyboard

Tannoy Monitor speakers

Accom 500 watt amp

Alesis 100 watt amp

1 pair of 1000 watt Stageworks Speakers

1 pair of 100 watt Stageworks Monitors

Fully Sound Treated Vocal Room (Auralex)

2 Windows XP and Vista 32 bit laptops - dual core with 2GB ram and 1TB hard drive space ready for field recording with 4 hours of battery

Studio computer:  Vista 32 bit Dual Core Touchsmart with 2GB ram and 6TB hard drive space

Zoom H2 portable field recorder - 8 hours of battery recording time - 44GB total SD card recording capability - 24 hours total recording time at 24 bit/96 khz

Zoom H4 portable field recorder - 8 hours of battery recording time - 44GB total SD card recording capability - 24 hours total recording time at 24 bit/96 khz

Custom portable field amp for recording - hundreds of hours of battery power

2 rack mount dbx compressor/limiter/gates

CD and DVD recorders

Denon DAT backup

Vestax 8 track portable digital rackmount recorder

Sonar 5 Producer Edition DAW

Samplitude 7 and 10 Professional DAW

FL Studio Producer Edition

Orion Pro

Energy XT2

Kinetic 2

Ableton Live 6

Project 5

Tracktion 2 and 3


Gold Wave Pro

Sony Sound Forge 8

T-Racks Mastering Suite

Crysonic Mastering Tools

AVS Conversions Tools



Beat Creator


Extreme Sample Converter

Seamless Looper

Native Instruments Komplete 3, 4 and 5

Steinberg Halion 2 and 3

Virsyn Cantor

Pianoteq 2 and 3


EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold

EWQL Symphonic Choirs

EWQL Storm Drum

Kirk Hunter Symphonic Orchestra Emerald and Diamond


Tassman 4

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

Rayjoon Jamstix 1 and 2

Yamaha Vocaloid Sweet Ann





Real Guitar 1 and 2

Real Strat

HG Fortune's Algorythmic Synths


Chameleon 5000

Mesa+ ADD




over 1,000 other synth and rompler virtual instruments

over 2 terabytes of various samplesets for guitars, orchestral, vocal, ethnic, synth and more

and over 250 vst reverb, delay, chorus and other effects

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