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Here is a list of our video gear available for your productions:




1 Canon XH A1 broadcast hi-def camera

1 Panasonic HS100 AVCHD hi-def camera

1 Sony SD camera

1 JVC SD camera

Bogen tripods with Manfrotto fluid heads

1 Spider Brace

1 large portable Green Screen with support system

4 'Cool Light' lighting systems with tripods

(5600 kelvin)

7 Mic/Light stands

1 16 foot Boom stand with weights

6 Boom Mic stands

Various condenser mics (see Audio Gear page)

Rhode Shotgun Mic

Audio Technica 3D Stereo Mic

(360 degree audio field)

1 pair of 3D mics

(embedded in headphones for stealth)

Betacam SP deck player/recorder

3 Super VHS player/recorders

4 VHS player/recorders

1 Sony Professional Cassette player/recorder

2 Windows XP and Vista 32 bit laptops - dual core with 2GB ram and 2 TB hard drives, ready for portable on-location video recording and editing

One Mac Mini Dual Core with 2GB ram, 160GB hard drive and 1TB external drive

Video editing NLE:

10 ghz Quad core Phenom with 8 GB ram, 6 TB SATA Hard Drives, 24 inch Hi-Def monitor,

Vista 64 bit Pro OS

BlackMagic Designs MultiBridge Pro with hardware card

42 Inch Plasma monitor

Custom built computer for video switching/mixing:

6 ghz tri-core Phenom with 4GB ram, 2 TB SATA Hard Drives, GeForce 8200 and GeForce GTS 250 dual Hybrid SLI graphics engines, NuVJ hardware controller and ArKaos VJ software, custom video switching software

Vegas Pro 8 and 9

DVD Architect Pro 4 and 5

Compositelab Pro

AVS Video Conversion Tools

Flash Conversion Tools

Flash Video Studio

Quicktime Pro

ArKaos VJ Software

Carrara 5, 6 and 7 Pro

Lightwave 9

Maya 5

Animation Master 10, 11 and 12

Zuma Pro

Particle Illusion 3

Blacksmith 3D

Curvy 3D

Mimic Pro

Hexagon 2.5

Bryce 5 and 6

Silo 2

Truespace 7

Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro



Vue 6 Infinite

Mapzone 2



Character FX

Poser 7

Anime Studio

Bluff Titler

ProShow Gold

and over 250 vst reverb, delay, chorus and other effects for video productions

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